Why Landus Cooperative Associate Opportunities?

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Landus Cooperative associate experiences allow us to grow together with qualified applicants.

At Landus Cooperative we strive to grow more than commodities; to improve on-farm profitability and create fulfilling careers for our team while we help tell the story of where food comes from.

The Associate Program with Landus Cooperative offers applicants a professional development path and access to thought leaders in the ag industry. The program focuses on creating a positive customer experience while providing the associate a meaningful career in a rural location with competitive compensation. They are three different types of associate positions offered. 

For Logan Dinkla, a graduate of Iowa State University, the Agronomy Sales Associate or ASA program was the right fit after spending two summers as an intern at Landus Cooperative. “What makes being a part of Landus Cooperative so different is that you are exposed to all sides of crop management. Even within one company, you have the ability to become diversified with knowledge and expertise.” 

After 14 months as an ASA, Dinkla was promoted to a full-time Field Sales Agronomist, complimented with a sales commission program. His experience as an ASA made that transition to commission-based sales representative much easier. “I have to be an expert in seed, fertilizer, chemical, crop health, and as well be ready for any random question that a customer might ask.” 

Dinkla added he knows he made the right choice. “I firmly believe that there isn’t a career more rewarding than the one I am in. Everyday might not be glamorous but you can always see the difference you are making. I have been with Landus Cooperative for almost two years and can already see the difference I am making with my customers and their farming operations.” 


As an Agronomy Sales Associate, you will learn to effectively communicate products and services provided by Landus Cooperative while assisting members with agronomic recommendations. Associates guide growers with crop production plans, prescribe crop protection and nutrient products, build relationships with members and teammates, as well as analyze harvest results to help maximize grower profits. You will gain knowledge and experience needed for promotion to Field Sales Agronomist upon successful completion of the program. This full-time, 12 to 24-month program offers competitive compensation and benefits to qualified applicants accepted as Associates. 

Qualifications: Hold a degree from an accredited 2 or 4-year post-secondary program preferred.