Which Variable Rate Corn Planting Prescription is Right for Me?

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Variable in Corn? Check out Variable Rate Planting Guide

After reviewing your yield data with your Landus Cooperative Field Sales Agronomist did you notice variability across your farms? What was the cause to this variability and how to you prepare to counteract this variability to obtain a higher ROI in the 2020 crop year?

Variable-rate seeding is a great place to start. Variable-rate seeding allows you, with the help of your FSA, to develop unique prescriptions that tell your planter to change populations when moving across the field. This will let you push your corn planting populations in areas of the field which historically are above average producing and, in turn, reduce populations on areas that historically produce below average. Placing the right seed, on the right acre, at the right time will allow you to meet your goal of obtaining a higher ROI on your seed investment.

For a brief description of the different variable rate corn seeding options offered by Landus Cooperative, download our guide below.

Download Variable Rate Guide