Where is this Grain (Market) Going

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Typically, the next 60-90 days between May 1 and August 1 represent the best opportunities for the highest grain prices for the year. During that time, the market has highest level of uncertainty, once the market is comfortable with what harvest is going to look like, it generally trends downward again. 

Remember, you don’t have to price grain to deliver it. Along with our various price later programs, one of the services we offer as a federally-licensed warehouse is the ability for you to deliver grain when you want and put it on storage. This allows Landus to take the quality risk as the you waits for better prices in the future.

While COVID-19 supply chain impacts continue to ripple across the industry, Landus believes now is a great time to make a plan for the 2019 (if you have any left to market) and prepare a plan for your 2020 crop. 

Despite slowdowns at area ethanol plants, we did not see more grain come in this April as compared to last. WE believe it’s due, in part to your feverish planting pace but mostly due to softening in the market. 

2020 Corn Trend 

On Jan 2nd

May corn was $3.80

Feb. 1st

May corn was $3.78

March 1st

May corn was $3.69

April 1st

May corn was $3.35

May 1st

May corn is $3.10

What is Landus doing about it?

We are working hard to liquidate grain and prepare for harvest 2020. 

We shipped out three times more grain via rail in April 2020 as compared to April 2019. We were more aggressive in advocating for our farmer-owners as we saw the impacts of COVID starting to come on. We saw the slowdown in local ethanol demand and began to push rail. 

In April, our rail loaders shipped primarily to 

-Eastern Canada

-Cattle country in Oklahoma and Texas

-continued sales to Mexico 

-to the river to be put on a ship for export 

-in-state ethanol and food manufacturing 

We urge you to give one of our grain marketing advisors a call to make a plan for any (all) on-farm stored grain you may have. In particular, we urge you to continue to evaluate grain quality and get poor quality grain moved asap. Our Grain Marketing Advisors offer an ear to bounce ideas off of or try to make sense of all the market’s throwing at you. Let us know how we can help.