Watch-Outs from 2019 as You Prepare for 2020

Combine Grain Cart

By Kent Klingbeil, Regional Sales Manager 

The fall of 2019 will go down in the record books as one of the most painful falls in my career. I think many cooperatives and farmers would agree with me. We all believed yields would be off due to bugs, high heat, dry spells, wet and late spring. Despite all that, a lot of areas in the state have achieved record yields with high moisture once again proving that “rain does make grain.” 

As harvest ‘19 starts to wrap up one of top decisions a grower can make is coming up quickly: making seed decisions for 2020. This is done in a variety of ways depending on the grower and their current, or soon to be new seed supplier. 

Kent Klingbiel
Kent Klingbeil visits with an applicator as they prepare for spring application.

A few watch-outs from 2019 as you prepare for 2020:

  • Test Plots- Wild weather created a lot of variability in test plots, so be leery of the data and be sure to double check items like length of plot, date of planting, products used, variability in the plot.
  • Examples of what to watch for in plot results:
    • Corn plot has 25 hybrids and was planted on May 25th
      • Analyze this plot in blocks, do not compare 100-day hybrid to 109-day hybrid on each end of the plot.
    • Compare them to the average and products side-by-side.
    • Soybean plot has 15 entries and was planted in June
      • This data is average at best. Late planted soybeans will not perform as they would planted in late April.
    • Earlier numbers will take a penalty due to the length of time they had to put on nodes before going into a reproductive state.
    • Similar to corn, compare in blocks and side by side. If the later numbers have 5-10 bushel higher yields, I would not encourage a grower to plant later beans next year. Continue to approach your maturity selection for what best fits your geography.

  • Yield Data- The best yield data is your own!
  • If you need some help sorting this data and putting it in a useable state to help drive your management decisions from 2020, give your Landus Cooperative FSA a call and we can create yield and planting maps.
  • Don’t let this data go unused, it might not be needed this year but five years from now, you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t save it.
  • See our article on data management!