Variable Rate Soybean Options

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 Variable-rate soybean prescriptions are just as important to crop management as they are with corn. 

Soybean planting is different than corn VR in that seeding rate assignments are inverse of those in corn. Higher producing areas typically are assigned the lower seeding rates, while the lower producing areas typically are assigned the higher seeding rates. 

Seeding rates vary field to field but may range from 100,000-180,000 seeds per acre. The specific rates can be affected by soybean variety, fertility, pH, elevation, previous history, etc. To better define these areas, management zones are often created, such as Landus Cooperative’s 1R Full Zones or Zone Lite fields. Using multiple layers of information provides your Field Sales Agronomist the ability to reduce variability and increase profitability. 

If you have questions regarding any of our variable rate seeding offerings, or just want to know if your equipment is capable, please feel free to reach out to your local Landus Cooperative Field Sales Agronomist or your area’s Precision Ag Specialist today!

Soybean VR options
Three Options for Soybean Variable Rate Planting