Top 5- Managing High Moisture Grain

Grain bins dryer
  1. Have a plan. Beans over 13% and corn over 18% will begin to heat and deteriorate within 24 hours.
    • Long-term storage of soybeans is best at 11-12%moisture, corn at 14%.
  2. 15-16% moisture can be stored for short to intermediate periods of time with aeration.
  3. Choose best bin for high moisture. Sufficient aeration, stirators, temperature cables, and good reclaim system for easy removal if problems develop.
  4. If possible, begin filling the bin with dry grain, then pull the center back out to create a cone down and then finish filling the bin with higher moisture grain.
  5. Monitor the bin frequently, run the aeration as needed, check for odors from the inspection door at the top of the bins, and check for crusting at the surface of the grain.
  6. If signs of deterioration are visible run the aeration and stirators to interrupt the deterioration. Monitor the grain closely. If the condition continues, consider emptying the bin until the spoiled grain is removed.

Bonus: NEVER enter a bin and walk on crusted grain!