Tank Mix Option for In-Season Shot of Nitrogen


Anyone following #noplant19 on Twitter knows that the corn crop in Iowa, though behind in growing degree days, is so far, looking much better than much of anything in surrounding states. Iowa’s leadership in supplying corn for the Corn Belt is critical this year. Every bushel counts this year. 

This weekend’s wet, cool weather has growers looking at additional options for pushing their crop any way they can. Fungicides are a proven ROI-getter in VT stage corn. Make that fungicide pass worth more by adding a shot of late-season nitrogen at the same time. 

By keeping corn healthy longer, grain fill is better—leading to increased yield potential. Demand for nitrogen increases dramatically from tassel to early reproductive stages. Landus Cooperative is now offering CoRoN® 25-0-0 plus 0.5% B controlled released nitrogen as late season nitrogen to ride along with your fungicide. CoRoN is a steady nutrition provider with essential boron for pollen tube formation and reproduction without the growth spike of conventional fertilizers. 

Some folks may say they’re going to go “low cost” on their inputs this summer, but CoRoN trials are showing the potential for a 12 bushel per acre AVERAGE increase. 

Give this foliar application a look for productive uniform growth while addressing leachability and de-nitrification. A large number of the fields in our Landus Cooperative territory are in watersheds, and this product is a great option for environmental stewardship. Plus, you’ll save a pass by tank mixing with your fungicide this season. 

Coron 12 bushe per acre