Stay Out of the Twilight Zone: Avoid a Bad Marketing Decision by Staying Local


Imagine if you will, a Landus without any grain elevators and no local employees, but still heavily involved in the Iowa grain industry. I don’t know about you, but when I typed that, it definitely sounds felt like an episode straight out of the Twilight Zone. 

We’ve heard of a few run-ins that we’d like to help you to avoid; we don’t want you doing business in the Twilight Zone. I’ll ask you to indulge me in a few more imagination scenarios.

Imagine data-hawks with no local understanding: This scenario is just a bunch of people in a large room in some other state, talking on headsets, plugged into powerful computers, and offering to buy your grain delivered to a local elevator that you’re already doing business with. That kind of reminds me of the old call centers or boiler rooms from the 70’s and 80’s hawking all sorts of items. 

However, this time around, they are more sophisticated. They have access to government data showing acres and decision makers. Typically, they are the ones making the phone call, unsolicited. But, they’ve never been to a local ball game or dance recital. They’ve never darkened the door of your church, your local hardware or grocery store. They don’t even know how to pronounce some of the towns near you. And, they certainly don’t contribute to the local or county economy in any way.

Imagine a “price” but no cares for your bottom line: The ONLY thing they have to offer is a price for your grain. They use every trick in the book to convince you to give them ONE shot: “Let’s just try this once and see how it goes”; “What have you got to lose?”. 

Well, I can think of a few things: beneficial interest in YOUR bushels; ability to easily prove total production on a field; loss of patronage; easy cash flow (how long WILL it take you to get paid?); access to various marketing alternatives; and many more. 

Landus is different; you own us: We are here to help you improve your bottom line, not just buy your grain. We are here to support you and your local economy. We live in your local communities, serve on local boards, pay property taxes, make donations, and provide services beyond buying grain. Your hard-earned dollars are the capital powering this cooperative. 

Please, if/when you hear from one of these “Twilight Zone advisors”, contact one of our Grain Marketing Advisors and let us know how we can help you. We’ve heard too many horror stories lately, and we’d like to avoid hearing more.