E3 Soybeans Programs Available Now

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AcreEdge®, the cooperative’s geographically-targeted soybean seed brand, is available this spring with Corteva®’s Enlist trait. 

The Enlist E3™ trait enables growers to use Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® herbicides over the top of soybeans for broad-spectrum weed control. You can also apply Enlist herbicides pre-emergence and in burndown – with no plantback restriction for Enlist crops. 

For nearly 30 years, the cooperative has been selling branded seed with licensed traits. Those traits are chosen by the most senior members of the Landus Cooperative agronomy team including Larry Christensen, Brian Berns, and Dave Lemke who, combined, have near 100 years of agronomy experience. They’ve been working with growers to become now one of the first in the area to offer Enlist traits for planting in 2020.

Larry Alliger, a Landus Cooperative member, has been growing seed beans for Landus Cooperative, as well as several other seed companies, for six years. Alliger is among a handful of farmers raising the cooperative’s first crop of Enlist E3™ genetics.

His early thoughts on the new traits? “We didn’t have any drift in the spray. It killed the water hemp with the first pass. And, we didn’t have to burn them,” said Alliger, who works with Field Sales Agronomist Brian Berns out of Farnhamville.

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Landus Cooperative's AcreEdge brand now include Enlist genetics

“We started talking about this product six years ago,” notes Farnhamville-based agronomist Brian Berns.

“The cross of this bean is actually the seventh or eighth generation. It’s spent more time in advancement as it was being approved for sale than what we typically see from new products. These beans have a lot of potential because they offer weed control plus years of yield development all in one.”

Dave Lemke, who leads the cooperative’s 180-acre research plot program, is eager to see how the Enlist beans yield. “These traits are for anybody and everybody. If you have trouble managing weeds, these AcreEdge varieties are definitely for you.”


Larry Christensen, agronomist in Carroll, Crawford and Sac counties, notes that not only is he eager to see the yield but how growers can be more efficient with spraying.

“If you’ve been using dicamba beans and had to follow very strict application rules, or you haven’t even tried dicamba because you’re afraid of the hassle, but you still have a weed problem, these Enlist beans are a great alternative,” said Christensen.

Lemke quickly jumped in to add that growers who sprayed Enlist AcreEdge soybeans this summer loved the herbicide program. “I saw two-foot-tall ragweed curled up and marestail lying flat on the ground,” said Lemke who notes multiple modes of action are still required with AcreEdge Enlist soybeans.

“With these genetics, we’re opening the door on a brand new mode you haven’t been utilizing,” noted Berns. “Managing around herbicide resistance is not new, and it’s not exciting but it is a requirement.”

A multiple mode of action program and annual review of your trait line up are two important steps for growers to get clean fields.”

Specifically, the team recommends a four-way mode of action for pre-emergence spraying paired with a 3-4-way mode of action herbicide in post-emerge beans to be successful. “If you’re not using a multiple mode program, you have the opportunity to better manage your weeds,” said Berns. “These Enlist AcreEdge beans may be one of the easiest ways to get your field cleaned up.”

As a seed bean grower for multiple companies, Larry Alliger and his son, Aaron, check the planting logs carefully as they prepare for post-emerge spraying. Following spraying labels is always a big part of their summer operations, but that Alliger noted the Enlist traits allowed fewer rinses between fields.

In mid-July, Alligers had just finished spraying one of their two Enlist fields. “Enlist didn’t drift as you’d see with a dicamba program,” he noted.

Christensen adds that the Landus Cooperative custom applicators have been getting familiar with the traits and label requirements as well. “Enlist will be a normal tank mix; it is not a restricted-use product, so you don’t need a license to spray or buy it,” he noted. “Our applicators are completing their introductory training to the products and seem to be feeling good about it.”

Field Landscape

The new Enlist soybeans available for planting in 2020 give growers a better way to protect their seed investment. By offering locally-selected genetics, Landus Cooperative agronomists are offering easy-to-use flexibility paired with genetic combinations no one else in the industry can offer. 

“How often can you sit down and have coffee with the person selecting your soybean seed genetics? Probably not very often in today’s global seed marketplace,” said Christensen. 

“We offer upfront transparency in our variety selection process via every single one of our Field Sales Agronomists. Want to weigh in on next year’s genomics? Just call your Field Sales Agronomist. This is your seed brand,” said Berns