Ready to Try Out a PogoStick?

POG Ostick 2
Using a PogoStick (source:

This stick’s not for your kids. The PogoStickTM tool from Precision Planting® helps you track stand counts and calculate the financial impact of late-emerging crops. 

For the growers utilizing VR seeding prescriptions, these in-season evaluations will provide a lot of insight into yield comparisons at harvest. With the help of the PogoStick, a Landus Cooperative Field Sales Agronomist can provide you with a report indicating the quantity and quality of the stand, the stage of the crop, and the economics associated with the planter performance. 

Precision pogo
Data report from in-field PogoStick tool from Landus Cooperative Field Sales Agronomist

These measurements help with yield correlations in the fall, so that you can best utilize VR seeding as a risk management tool in the future. Check strips or “blocks” of a static population are often used for these comparisons.

While these stand counts can be done at any time throughout the growing season, best practice is to do them early and to do them often. As the crop progresses, evaluation of kernel production in corn can provide an indication of the VR seeding at work. These assessments, done in-season, monitor VR seeding as a tool to maximize inputs, but most importantly provide us with the ability to make even better decisions in future growing seasons.