Protect Your Nutrient Investment: Stabilize Every Fall Acre

Corn Emergence 2

There are many benefits to fall application; namely TIME. Getting your fieldwork done this fall means more time to spray and plant next spring. However, we recommend fall application includes a nitrogen stabilizer. Landus Cooperative is offering N-Serve® or Function® this year.

Using a nitrogen stabilizer such as N-Serve or Function has long proven effective in reducing nitrogen loss into groundwater and surface water.

N-Serve protects applied nitrogen in the ammonium form and slows down the conversion process to nitrate nitrogen which is moveable in the soil. Nitrogen stabilizers slow down the conversion for when the corn plant actually needs the nitrogen, which could be up to six months from application time. These products ensure that applied nitrogen will still be there in the soil profile where a corn plant can use it and won’t end up moving lower in the soil profile out of corn plants’ reach. 

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