Propane Supply & Demand Impact Harvest But Friday's WASDE Could Impact Your Bottomline

Combine Grain Cart

By now, many of you are aware that the supply of propane is not meeting the demand. First off, the late maturing corn is coming into elevators at higher moisture levels than normal. Couple that with somewhat lower temps across the Midwest and other parts of the U.S. and demand for propane is significantly higher than normal. And to add to the misery, there are several issues with supply pipelines. We have heard that propane transfer trucks are waiting in line at terminals for more than 24 hours, some more than 40 hours, depending on the terminal. The Governor has issued a waiver to make transporting propane easier.

This is causing a lot of issues at grain elevators, and Landus Cooperative is not immune. Even though we had purchased enough supply for what we expected to be a wetter corn crop than normal, our suppliers are unable to keep up with all of their commitments due to the pipeline issues. We will continue to update our hours as frequently as necessary. Please continue to watch our website and our public app for hours. Please be aware that plans can and do change quickly when unforeseen issues pop up. So, we are asking you to keep in close contact with the location(s) you are hauling to.

Beyond that, there is a USDA WASDE report scheduled for release on Friday at 11 AM. The early expectation is that corn production will increase slightly, while soybean production decreases slightly. If you know you need to lock in some more corn sales, we would encourage you to do that prior to the report if/when prices are favorable for you. For soybeans, we encourage you to put an offer in prior to the report so that it is working during that 11:00 hour. “IF” we see a spike right at the release that doesn’t last long, you’ll have a better chance to capture that quick uptick than you would have by waiting to see what the report says. 

Please contact your local Landus Cooperative location or GMA for either of these.