Market & COVID-19 Update from CEO, Matt Carstens

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March 25, 2020

Dear Landus Cooperative farmer-members and customers, 

During this COVID-19 situation, your cooperative has been working behind the scenes to keep abreast of what’s happening now and preparing for what may come next. 

What Are We Doing? 

  • Ensuring our employees have the support, resources, and information needed
  • Being flexible in our policies and practices at the location to protect your safety and that of our employees
    • Mailing contracts and grain checks to avoid in-office visits
    • Regularly cleaning locations according to CDC guidelines
    • Reducing/eliminating unnecessary traffic into our offices
  • Ensuring your spring, operational needs are met
    • UAN, NH3, and other product inventories, at this time, have been uninterrupted
    • Seed is ready for delivery/pick-up
    • Custom application schedules are continuing, please ensure your work orders are in place
  • Identifying needs and scenario-planning with every location and mill for “what-if”
  • Working with our industry partners (Gov. Reynold’s office, the Iowa Department of Ag, National Feed and Grain Association, National Council for Farmer Cooperatives, etc. ) to identify and alleviate marketplace barriers
    • Harvest weight exemptions are in place
    • Hours of service exemptions are in place
    • Identifying ways to create new demand for your corn and soybeans 
    • Showcasing industry impact on your behalf
    • We are prepared to share new USDA details on a 2020 Market Facilitation Program as soon as they are finalized
    • Ensuring our industry is defined as “essential” should a shelter in place order be implemented.
  • Giving you a way to sign up for location-based text messages should COVID-19 impact your location (use your subscription tools in the Landus Cooperative app or portal)
  • We keep our COVID-19 section on our website updated whenever we have new information.

Thank you for working to help “flatten the curve” as we each do our part in social distancing in this uncertain time. We will continue to utilize these practices until we receive data-based information to the contrary. Thank you for your business and be assured that your Landus Cooperative team is ready to serve you this Spring Season!


Matt Carstens, CEO