Landus Crop Tour Results 2020

Landus Crop Tour Results

During the week of August 24th, 70 Landus employees fanned out across 35 counties and 278 townships gathering data from corn and soybean fields. 

We gathered at least 2 samples of each per township. We obtained these at least 50 feet into the field. We also intentionally avoided the derecho areas with flattened cornfields, as these will not be harvested. 

While our overall estimate is 188 bu./acre for corn and 55 bu./acre for soybeans, the continued dryness and drought across this area will most likely produce lower results than what was observed. It’s important to note the wide variance of yields within townships, counties, and across the entire region. We call attention to the high and low results in each county, as well as the number of samples collected per county, reflecting the number of townships visited in each county. 

Sharing this information with our farmer-owners will help them better understand the potential in their area as well as other geographic areas of the state. This information has also helped us prepare for the upcoming harvest, by readying our elevators to serve our customers well. 

This data was shared during webinars on Wednesday, September 2nd. You can watch that here. We’ve also included a slimmed-down version of the presentation.