Landus Cooperative Releases Yield Results from 30+ Plots Across State

Cooperative’s AcreEdge® brand soybeans beat all competition by 3.2 bu/ac

AMES, Iowa (Nov. 28, 2018) –In a growing season and harvest year where Mother Nature seemed to win every battle, yields across the state varied widely. Today, Landus Cooperative released the results of more than 30 corn and soybean plots across their 27-county territory. The cooperative also released product and management test results from its 180-acre research plot in Calhoun County, the largest owned by a farmer-owned cooperative.

The results are available free online.

“Short planting windows and less than suitable conditions created a lot of variation in yields across the state,” summarized Kent Klingbeil, regional sales manager and director of the yield data for the Ames, Iowa based cooperative. In summary,

  • Precipitation. Rainfall events varied dramatically from location to location, and in the end, several plots had late-season nitrogen stress. Hybrids utilize nitrogen differently; if a highly offensive hybrid missed a late-season nitrogen application, it impeded yield potential.
  • In-plot variation. Plots varied from one end to the other. In a year like this, analyzing plot averages by comparing hybrids and varieties side-by-side and break plots into groups of maturities is the best way to review big picture trends.
  • Heat. Extreme heat late summer created big yield differences in maturities and differences in planting dates. Fungicide applications were especially positive this year.

“ Your AcreEdge soybeans continue to outperform the competition year after year; this year beating all other soybean brands by 3.2 bushels per acre,” explained Tim Unruh, chief agronomy officer. “If you haven’t tried them, I encourage you to work with your Landus Cooperative Field Sales Agronomist this year to see it for yourself. “