Harvest Updates: A Note from COO, Brett Bell

Harvest 3

As of Monday, the USDA pegged soybean harvest progress at 61% in Iowa. In our territory, on average, we believe we are comfortably ahead of that pace. We want to thank you for the bushels you’ve delivered. As compared to last year, and despite the weather, we are ahead of last year’s bushel receipts. It’s a good place to be in!

With the late start to harvest, there were a lot of concerns about moisture and quality. For all of Landus Cooperative, average corn moisture is 18.5% (many loads up to 23.5% for corn) and average soybean moisture is 12.5%. Overall, this crop is drying down better than we originally thought. 

Our one watch-out would be your June-planted corn; make sure you understand the quality. If you’d like help assessing your grain, we can send out an agronomist. You’re welcome to hand samples to calculate moisture and test weight to help you formulate a plan. 

While corn yields are anecdotal, we are hearing some strong numbers, and we’re adjusting staffing and space accordingly to be ready. You can find our extended harvest hours on our website and app 24/7. We urge you to continue to communicate with your location managers on your harvesting plans. 

This weather has allowed us to shift our focus to fall application. Our applicators were able to start earlier than last year. We’re currently ahead of pace on fall nutrient applications. As your crew is busy getting the crops out, we’ve ramped up our resources, including NH3 rigs for custom application. 

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During one of my location stops, I got to visit with our receiving crew in Collins. Thank you to our hundreds of full, part-time and seasonal employees who make harvest "go" at Landus Cooperative. -Brett Bell

I've enjoyed some time at receiving pits, in combines and in grain carts already this fall and look forward to more trips out to locations and your fields. 

We are pleased to be doing business with you. We encourage you to reach out if we can assist your operation further this fall. Above all, we ask that you please, work safely.