Grow on the Go: May 29, 2019 - Precision Spotlight

Consider Variable Rate Nitrogen In-Season Application

Excessive amounts of rainfall and market swings have created an opportunity to maximize the corn we have planted through split applications of nitrogen. Variable rate nitrogen applications in-season are the perfect fit to utilize your fields information and maximize your yield on every acre!

No acre is the same as the next.

  • Utilize soil tests and yield goals to determine the correct nitrogen rate
  • Put your investment where it has the highest return

Variable rate nitrogen does not change your average rate, it just puts the nitrogen where you need it to maximize your yield!

Don’t have soil tests to work from? NO PROBLEM! Landus Cooperative offers zone mapping for the best ROI for your fields.

We create multiple zones in your field utilizing imagery and elevation data to create nitrogen prescriptions.

Spring’s got you busy so we can even help get that variable rate nitrogen applied. We have high clearance dry box machines. Or, you can rent a UAN side-dress bar or utilize your own equipment to complete the application.