Get Ready to Over-Communicate

Why Communication Is Key in All Relationships Lifeworks Counseling Center Carrolton

Communication is the key…

Every day it seems like we have hundreds of messages aimed at us. With various social media platforms, television, radio, telephones and e-mail, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by communication. 

To be successful in any endeavor, we must communicate, and sometimes, over-communicate. As we enter this very busy, and stressful, time of year, we thought it would be good to talk about some of these communication channels before it gets too busy.

  • Bids. The number one page on our app and website is our cash bids and futures. You can view on our site, open on your app, or even sign up to receive bids three times daily via text.
  • Setting Up Deliveries. Many, if not most, of you, are very good about contacting your local facility and setting up deliveries for the fields you expect to haul. Please keep in mind that if for any reason, you need to take a load to another facility, we will need to start another delivery at that location.
  • Harvesting Late? We are posting our harvest hours on our public website and app and allowing you to sign up for app or text notifications. We also ask that if you’re still hauling, still harvesting or about to arrive at the location and it’s quittin’ time, just let us know. We want to accept your grain. Stay in touch with your location to let them know your plans. Our team looks forward to working with you as we determine how we set local hours. 
  • Scale Tickets, Settlements, and More: Our app and website portal offer real-time access to your scale tickets, delivery averages, delivery due dates, contract positions, open storage, and more...24/7.
  • Delivery is Due. What Do We Do? By the 15th day of every delivery, we need a decision from you, or we will automatically put the grain on storage at the end of the 15th day. (If you are registered for the portal or app, you can sign up to get a text reminding you three days before it's due.) We will fill open contracts first, and all remaining bushels will be put on storage, without communication from you. We need to hear from you to do anything other than put it on storage.
  • Morning Grain Comments & Podcast. Want to know what’s going on in the marketplace? Just sign up for our daily email comments and weekly podcast. You can find those links here.
  • Safety First. Please remember communication is key on your farm during this busy season. Communicate with your team to stay safe and remember, NEVER enter a crusted-over grain bin. Your life is not worth it.

We wish all of you a very safe and efficient harvest.