Fungicide Pays: $0.05 x 200 bu = $10.00/acre

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Get Your Fungicide Application Paid For By Landus

Are you concerned about harvest this fall because of the speed the crop went in the ground? Most of the corn and soybeans are at even stages of growth indicating most will be ready to harvest at the same time. Use fungicide to ensure late-season standability and increase harvest time.

Special Details*:

• Receive a voucher for a $0.05/bu. premium on grain sales priced and delivered to a Landus location during January, February, or March 2021.

• Minimum commitment of 5,000 bu. corn or 2,500 bu. soybeans.

• No maximum amount of bushels.

• Minimum purchase of 160 acres worth of Trivapro, MirivasNeo, Delaro, Veltyma, or Revytek is required.

• Standard billing terms apply for fungicide and application.

Take advantage of this opportunity to offset your application cost of fungicide this summer.

Contact your FSA or GMA to book this special offer today and grow more bushels to market in your operation.

If you take the $0.05/bu. premium on your grain sale and multiply that by the standard yield with fungicide application, 200 bu./acre, you get $10.00/acre or the cost of fungicide application.

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