Employee Spotlight - Skylar Willms

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Safety. Efficiency. Quality. These three qualities are the key to Skylar Willms’ success as a custom applicator at Landus Cooperative. 

Willms has been part of the Landus Cooperative team for eight years and has been in the role of a custom applicator for the last seven.

Safety is a top priority for Willms every day from the time he enters his first field until he checks off the last field on his work order. “Each year, I attend continuing education courses to keep my custom applicator license current,” expressed Willms. Not only do Willms and other custom applicators attend classes to keep their applicator licenses current, they can attend seminars and plot days to expand their knowledge and keep up to date on the latest practices. 

“Providing plant health is the #1 objective of my job,” said Willms. 

He spends most of his time in an applicator spreading fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, and anhydrous on our customers’ fields. As the seasons change, the products he is applying change, too. “In the spring we keep busy spraying pre-plant and post-plant herbicide for both corn and soybeans,” noted Willms. When harvest starts, then it is time for them to apply dry fertilizer, and finally when it gets cold out, he applies anhydrous. 

Free time is few and far between for Willms, in addition to working as a custom applicator, he stays busy with his eighty head cattle operation and a side fencing business. “If you plan on going into agriculture, you have to be willing to put the hours in.” Willms added his advice to jobseekers.