Employee Spotlight - Ryan Bowman

HR Ryan Bowman Employee Testimonial Website 051221

If you’ve got a need for feed, Ryan Bowman will make sure it gets to you. Serving as the Delivery Specialist and beyond at the Landus Beef Feed Center in Jefferson, Bowman has been with Landus for 22 years.

While his formal title and job locations may have changed throughout the years, he has always served as the connecting piece to get the feed to the customer. Though most of his time is spent on deliveries, Ryan also assists with the production of the feed, as well as maintaining the equipment. 

Serving customers within a 60 – mile radius, the Beef Feed Center produces bulk high-quality feed rations for beef cattle, dairy cattle, and sheep - and supplies farmers with Soy Oil and Pure Gold™ oil from the Landus SoyPlus®plant in Ralston. Additionally, they provide bagged Purina® feed, protein tubs and minerals for poultry, equine, swine, goats, sheep, and beef and dairy cattle.

And for Bowman, quality and timeliness are his two factors to success. 

“If it doesn’t meet the high standards, it doesn’t go out,” says Ryan. 

As a local of Bayard, serving his community is crucial to him - getting to interact with the customer every day and build customer relationships is his favorite part of his job. 

With so many different possible feed rations and combinations that go out the door, his biggest takeaway is to always take the time to do the job correctly and check it twice. It’s up to him to manage the logistical and time management of hauling feed. That comes with a lot of responsibility. 

“If you make a mistake, you won’t benefit anyone unless you admit it. That way you can fix it before it affects the customer,” says Bowman. 

At the end of the day, Bowman is always a team player. If any person or location needs help, he’ll be there.