Employee Spotlight Kally Philipp

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“Landus Cooperative’s agronomy sales associate development program I feel does a really good job in training us, educating us and getting us involved,” said Philipp. “It’s not like you’re getting thrown the keys and pick-up truck and told to just ‘go’.”

Philipp is one of the agronomy sales associated and management associates who is participating in an ongoing leadership class and reading a book together on professional and sales development.

“Going through questions together and discussing the operations sides of the business with the operations management associates helps us see the other side of the business. This program is unique compared to other co-ops I interned at before I joined Landus Cooperative,” Philipp said. She added that experience helps the participants recognize the importance of working together to serve farmers.

When it comes to her agronomy sales team, she describes it as a fun group.

“I’ve liked all my sales meeting. We do some fun activities and hang out together. Some other co-ops don’t do that; you just do the business meeting and go on your way. At Landus Cooperative, you feel more like a friend and family group then just co-workers.”

While some outside of agriculture are amazed that a young woman has chosen a role in agriculture sales. She is proud of her job. “We get to see the growers’ operations first-hand and be involved in a lot of really big decisions. It’s amazing how much influence you have in some operations that look to us for our recommendation.”

Philipp is driven to help her customers succeed. “When growers get their best crop or yield they’ve ever had and appreciate our role in it is the best part of my job. When you gain trust from the farmer and they don’t question every recommendation and product because you’ve become their trusted partner is what makes my day.”