Employee Spotlight Emily Drake

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After graduating from college, Emily Drake spent her days in dress clothes sitting under fluorescent lights as a bank teller “I wasn’t a big fan of it,” she admitted. “I like to be outside.”

Drake found a listing for a position at Landus Cooperative almost six years ago and has been here ever since. Today, she works as an Operations Technician at the cooperative’s Bradford location, mixing fertilizer and chemicals to help farmers get their best yields.

She notes that many people don’t quite understand what she does every day, and they are sometimes surprised to see that a young woman chose the job. “It makes people a little more shocked. There’s not a lot of ladies that work outside.”

The potential for individual employee development and advancement in the cooperative was a pleasant surprise for Drake. “I knew they would help with college if you wanted to go back and get more education, but I didn’t realize they could set up a plan for one employee to help them get to where they want to go,” she says.

“Landus Cooperative I feel is a progressive company to work for. If you’re willing to put in the heart and hard work and dedication, the possibilities are endless. We’re a diverse company. As long as your leaders feel you’re right for the position, they’ll do what they can to get you there. There’s not a whole lot of companies that do that.”

Another critical thing for Drake was the opportunity to keep learning. “I learn something new at least once a week. Sometimes every day, depending on which location I’m at or what role I’m filling that day; but at least once a week.” She likes working through challenges her team faces and says that teamwork is an essential part of the job.

“We always do our best to try to help out. Our location manager is in charge of four different locations, so we try to go help out wherever needed,” Drake says, crediting her team with also keeping the job fun. “There’s never a dull moment. Someone’s always giving someone a hard time about something or joking around.”

Her favorite part of the job? The customers. “That’s probably the thing that I love the most—with being here for almost six years. I’ve got quite a relationship built with some of the customers and look forward to seeing them.”