Did Your Seed Rep Leave You With a Hat? Ask For More.


By Kent Klingbeil, Regional Sales Manager

Great news! Landus Cooperative has an extensive test plot system that replicates our seed lineup across the state. We break this out by region and also create a company summary. The volume of data creates higher percentages of accuracy. Look for this coming out in the next few weeks on our website. 

Every seed representative has the “best products” which are typically the “lowest-priced” or “the best value for the money.” They might have a fancy hat or some type of promotion. 

What else did they ask? Did they ask what your yield goals were for 2020? Or how you like to manage your crop, are you a farmer who pushes the limits? What are your soil test levels like? What is your plan for 2020 to increase your yields?

Successful farming operations have a seed partner that understands their operation and how they like to do things, this makes the ease of doing business simple and the need to listen to the next salesperson selling XX brand seed corn at cheap prices time you can take back and do something that is much more enjoyable. 

We're looking forward to following you for #plant2020.