Desk Drawers Full of Yield Data Sticks? Put It To Work

Yield by Planted Hybrid

Wasted yield data = Dollars removed from your operation

Do you ever find yourself removing the yield data USB stick from the combine yield monitor at the end of the harvest season and placing it in a desk drawer in your office or importing it onto your computer then forgetting about it year-after-year? Often this is a common trend across the agricultural industry, but finding ways to analyze this data and find the pinch-points in your operation will return bushels onto your farm and more money in your pockets.

At Landus Cooperative, your Field Sales Agronomist (FSA), is armed with the tools to import and store this Yield Data in a safe location year after year. If data is lost in your operation, your FSA will have it backed up and quickly accessible to you again! These tools allow your FSA to pinpoint yearly patterns across your operation and address these patterns such as:

  • Hybrid/variety selection and placement
  • Variable Rate planting analytics
  • Fertilizer placement
  • Soil and fertility management
  • Drainage issues
  • Compaction problems

Yield by Population Yield by Planted Hybrid Soil Type Yield Hybrid Report

After your yield data is clean, processed, and analyzed by your FSA, it can be sent to Landus Cooperative’s print shop to be made into a professional book to be used with your banker, credit provider, landlord, etc. Perhaps a field that you rent does need more drainage tile? This professionally-made yield book allows you to sit down and discuss each part of the field in detail with your landlord as to why drainage tile will increase their ROI in the long-term and your ROI in the short term.

Once these head-scratching areas of your operation are found, it is time to address each one individually. Perhaps a corn hybrid performed very well across one soil type but not the other. With this known knowledge, your FSA can now place hybrids accordingly on each farm where each corn hybrid will perform to its highest potential allowing you to receive a higher ROI on your seed purchase than you would have without this use of your yield data.

If you have a desk full of yield data USB sticks and are unsure about what direction to take next, please reach out to your Landus Cooperative Field Sales Agronomist to begin utilizing the most important data on your farm and start returning hard-earned bushels back into your operation.