Committed to Farmers, the Community, and Calf Roping

Dayton Rodeo

(AMES, IA – August 8, 2019) Landus Cooperative is committed to farmers and their local communities. Like many farmers, they have had to make tough business decisions. For the Landus Cooperative Board of Directors, supporting the Dayton community and continuing their long-term relationship with the local rodeo made one of those decisions easier.

Landus Cooperative closed their Dayton location following the spring agronomy season, and has since sold the property to the Dayton Rodeo Celebration Committee following an open bid process.

“We strive to be a good neighbor and we welcome the Dayton Rodeo every year,” expresses Blake Beckett, location manager for Landus Cooperative. “Although the elevator is no longer running in Dayton, we want to maintain our strong support to the community and their activities.”

There has been a 50+ year relationship between the two, and it does not go unnoticed for either organization. This purchased property will allow for the Dayton Rodeo to successfully meet the needs of current rodeo activities and potential future activities/projects that will benefit the community of Dayton.

“As neighbors, we are appreciative of the six-decade long relationship and the support that has been provided from Landus Cooperative, and those prior to Landus Cooperative,” states Matt Johnson, Chairman for the rodeo committee. “In fact, the Dayton Rodeo would not be where or what it is today without their support.”

Ideas for future plans for the property include:

• Renovating the building into a multi-purposed building that can be used by all community groups to provide large gathering space for community events, and provide a handicapped accessible restroom/shower space for rodeo activities.

• Utilizing the maintenance building as a space for Dayton Rodeo Celebration Committee to secure maintenance equipment and do maintenance projects without hindering space in the rodeo arena.

• Developing the flat storage as an area to house temporary stalls for rodeo events. Having the space to house stalls allows for potential rodeo events that are not currently able to be held at Dayton Rodeo Arena because of the lack of space.

• Utilizing the open area space to accommodate rodeo contestants and their trailers.