Bushels Pay Bills: Tissue Sampling Identifies Hidden Hunger

Agronomy Early Corn

Step 1: Identify farms with high yield potential

Step 2: Pull tissue and soil samples

Step 3: Receive a report back from your FSA

Step 4: Feed hidden hunger

Tissue sampling can reveal hidden hunger that we cannot see with the naked eye or even find areas in a field to improve to push yields to the next level. A tissue sampling analysis provides current nutrient levels in a plant and allows a grower to change their game plan in-season if needed. 

Combine an in-season tissue analysis with a complete in-season soil test which analyzes all the critical nutrients, including nitrate, to create the full picture of what is happening to your crop, and in your soil, throughout the growing season.

Why Tissue Sample

  • Collect and analyze real-time information of what is happening in your crop
  • Verify current nutrient strategies with your Trusted Partner
  • Develop fertilizer plans with your Trusted Partner for the future
  • React quicker to in-season stresses and adjust plans based on what your crop is asking for
  • Highlight the needs for micronutrients and nutrient balances to reach top-end yield potential

Tie a tissue analysis with a complete soil test with a nitrate sample to help paint the entire picture of what is happening on your farm. With a spring as wet as the one we all just experienced, this program will ensure that you and your trusted partner will continue to reach the yield that you planned for earlier this winter.

Do not let this challenging spring dampen your Yield Goals! Please reach out to your Field Sales Agronomist with more questions or simply email

Tissue Sampling Report Example