Battling Mother Nature with In-Season Nitrogen and Fungicides

Fung 2016

With current conditions, the corn crop is under extreme pressure. In the last week, heat units have increased, and the corn crop is on its way to being the best in the country. To meet yield potential, despite Mother Nature’s intervention, additional nitrogen and an early fungicide application offer strong return on investment opportunities.

Stabilized urea
Nitrogen uptake


Top dressing corn with urea at this time gives the crop some quick nitrogen. This allows the plant’s roots to drive down and access nitrogen applied earlier this spring season. Remember, shallow root systems due to wet weather will benefit from top dress nitrogen by being nitrogen closer to the soil surface. Applying nitrogen is only half the battle, protecting it is the other. RemaiN® nitrogen stabilizer protects nitrogen from volatilization while laying on top of the ground. This will allow you time to take advantage of the next rainfall without losing the over-the-top applied nitrogen. 

Fung 2016
Fung 2017


Due to the continued wet weather and high humidity, an early fungicide treatment can protect your crop from anthracnose and phytophthora as well as potential standability issues at harvest. An early fungicide treatment, such as of QuiltXcel®, can get a free ride while tank mixing with the post-application. This application can help the plant slow down its growth and maximize the available nutrients to be successful later in the season. We would highly recommend this to be followed by a VT application of Trivapro® to maximize your crop’s potential. 

Our neighboring states have experienced challenges in getting the crop planted. Iowa has the potential to produce one of the highest yields in the country. It will be important to protect this yield potential by investing in additional programs that have a high rate of return for your farm.