Battle Declining Nutrient Levels with MESZ, Potash & SO4

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As folks are getting out in the field of fall fieldwork, we are seeing declining nutrient trends in recent soil tests. Trends show soil nutrient levels are being depleted and falling below optimum levels at a 10% rate year-over-year. Paired with the unfavorable weather effects we’ve seen throughout 2019, your soil may be at risk of returning to 2017 nutrient levels.

In our last Grow on the Go, we talked about fall application timing and using stabilizers. Today, we’ll talk about some of the fall-applied products to restore nutrients. 

MicroEssentials SZ (MESZ)

  • As compared to MAP as your phosphorous source, it contains N, P, S and Zn fused into one nutritionally balanced granule, creating a single course for balanced crop nutrition
  • uniquely designed to deliver nutrients evenly across the field, while delivering more value by increasing nutrient uptake. 
  • Plus, while most blends and sulfur-enhanced fertilizer products contain sulfate sulfur alone, MicroEssentials delivers season-long sulfur availability through its combination of both sulfate and elemental sulfur.

Potash & SO4 

  • Feed next year’s soybean crop by applying a blend of potash and SO4 this fall
  • SO4 is the only sulfur source that is non-acidifying. It is 21% calcium and 17% sulfur and doesn’t contain nitrogen that can negatively affect nodulation on soybeans.
  • Correct and maintain soil PH by including 98G with your fall fertilization plan. 
  • 98G corrects soil PH faster and more completely than ag lime. Made from 98% calcitic limestone mined in Iowa and ground to an ultra-fine powder before it is pelletized. And, we have a special right now. Check out our coupon here.

None of us will forget the challenges we all faced with spring application as we all tried to apply dry, NH3 and liquid all at the same time last year. Getting a firm fall fertilizer application plan in place prevents that from happening again.