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We exist to advocate for your business by building relationships and supply chain logistics and pricing partnerships with major agronomy manufacturers.

We’re offering you the opportunity to hear directly from industry leaders at Syngenta, Bayer, and Mosaic and about the seed, crop protection and nutrient trends, products and intelligence you want to make your farm successful.

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Meet Your Sources


Bayer Crop Science

Chris Souder is a Regional Agronomy Lead for Bayer Crop Science. He currently leads a team of Technical Agronomists for the Midwest Business Region in Bayer Crop Science. The team is responsible for training and technical support of Seeds and Traits within the region.

In his previous roles, he has been accountable for evaluating and advancing genetics and biotech traits in the later phases of the breeding pipeline across crops.

Chris grew up on a family farm between Rockwell City and Lytton, Iowa and continues to participate in the operation of the farm throughout the growing season. He is an Iowa State & Texas A&M Alumnus, trained in Agronomy and Plant Breeding.

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Andy Jung, in-house economist, tracks changes in global macroeconomic, agriculture and fertilizer markets, in order to provide analysis to support the company’s short-term operating decisions, strategic initiatives, as well as the evaluation of long-term growth opportunities.

Andy is a member of Mosaic’s Commercial Leadership Team, providing input to key decision-making that encompasses the encompasses the spectrum of Mosaic’s commercial activities – e.g. sales, marketing, procurement, product management, supply chain. Prior to joining Mosaic, Mr. Jung served as a market and strategy consultant for 10 years, leading a wide range of assignments for companies around the world concerning the agriculture and crop nutrient sectors.

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Jeff Cecil serves as the head of crop protection marketing for North America. An interest in product marketing led him into product management and marketing as part of the Syngenta NAFTA Brand Management team responsible for multiple fungicides, followed by an insecticides brand manager role where he was responsible for brands including AgriMek®, Warrior®, and Force®.

After spending five years leading a global product management team for Seedcare Insecticides, he is now responsible for leading the marketing team to manage the Syngenta portfolio from the discovery and introduction of new products to ensuring clear positioning and development of existing products within the portfolio.

Bayer Crop Science

Landus Cooperative purchase examples: Round-Up, Harness, Delaro, and Corvus as well as DeKalb and Asgrow seed. 

As modern agriculture continues to evolve, so do our tools for managing weeds, insects, and disease. Crop management software, data science, precision farming technology, and soil health and nutrient management techniques are all ways technology is driving crop protection in modern agriculture. Chemical and biological crop protection products, nutrient management, and soil health practices are enhanced by data science, which transforms traditional practices into an integrated system focused on sustainable use. Real-time data drives the precise application of resources, and state-of-the-art software allows for quick, easy analysis of crop management and protection.


Landus Cooperative purchase examples: Potash, MAP and Microessentials MESZ® 

Mosaic is a global leader in the supply of phosphate and potash crop nutrients, including the largest supplier of performance products – for example our MicroEssentials line. Using 2018 as a baseline, we account for nearly three-quarters of the granular, high-analysis phosphates produced in North America, as well as well over a third of the region’s potash production. In addition, we hold a leading position in Brazil as both a producer and distributor of fertilizers. Again using 2018 as the baseline, we sold over 9 million metric tonnes of fertilizer in a roughly 35 million tonne market.

A lackluster fall fertilizer application season in 2018 was followed by an even more challenged spring season in 2019, the result of unprecedentedly wet weather keeping farmers out of their fields and causing record-breaking logistical issues on the U.S. river system. Mosaic is looking forward to a return to more normal weather conditions in the fall of 2019 and into spring 2020, allowing farmers the opportunity to return to historic fieldwork and fertilization practices. And though ag commodity prices remain challenging, we see reasons for optimism with progress, albeit slow, in resolving the current trade dispute between the U.S. and China and issues regarding ethanol blending requirements. Further, with fertilizer prices – particularly phosphate and potash – at low levels relative to their historical relationship with ag commodity prices such as corn, we see an opportunity to rebuild soil nutrient levels to maximize yields to improve profitability.


Landus Cooperative purchase examples: FlexStar GT, TrivaPro, Boundary, Calisto, and CalistoXTRA

Syngenta is a global leader at providing a full portfolio of crop protection, seeds, seed treatments, and traits. We believe in delivering better food for a better world through outstanding crop solutions. We offer a full line of world-leading crop protection products including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and seed treatments. Our products are designed to improve crop yield and performance, increase plant vigor and reduce yield losses.

Syngenta has introduced many new products over the last few years to deliver new technologies to address difficult challenges, including the latest technologies for weed resistance management, row crop disease, and insect control, and full-spectrum offers in seed treatments.

We are excited to have the opportunity to continue to add new technologies in 2020 and build on these recent new technologies with products like Tavium for soybean weed management, Miravis brands for a true difference you can see in disease control and yield, and a new game-changing technology for the control of SDS in soy with Saltro seed treatment.