A New Definition for "Open"

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Even though many parts of Iowa did not have a lot of severe weather this winter, it is nice to finally be in the month of April. The word April comes from the Latin, meaning “to open.” Typically, this is to signify the time when trees and flowers “open” and bloom. 

But, I want to adjust that a bit this year. After all the negative news we’ve seen, heard, and continue to live through, maybe we need to focus elsewhere for a bit. In the past couple of weeks, as grain prices have slid, we are hearing of foreign buyers stepping up to the plate and making some purchases. Maybe, China is “open” to purchasing more U.S. corn and corn products. Maybe other countries are, too. 

China has been in and out of the DDG market for several years. Occasionally, they purchase some U.S. corn, but for the most part, have continued to use their own stockpiles. About a year ago, there was talk that they would begin using significantly more ethanol. While that has not yet come to pass, there are still questions of whether they would import corn and make their own, or import ethanol. Either way would be good for the American farmer. 

As your cooperative, we are constantly working to open more markets outside of Iowa. These can be direct shipments to end users in Mexico, or shipping to the Gulf or West Coast for exporting to other countries. Perhaps a silver lining to this recent down turn will be larger export demand in the coming years. 

So, as you begin to open your fields, continue to let us know how we can assist with any of your grain marketing needs. Our Grain Marketing Advisors are just a phone call, text or e-mail away.