$1.35 Premium Available for Non-GMO Soybeans

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Do the markets have you looking for a diversified option for the 2020 growing season? Non-GMO soybean acres are still available in a Landus Cooperative program. With premiums from $1.00 to $1.35 per bushel over delivery location bid, this might be the spring to plant non-GMO soybeans. 

The Landus Cooperative agronomy team worked with plant breeders to identify the best non-GMO seed for our trade territory and our agronomy team has a specific plan available to manage weeds and pests. 

“We believe one of our cooperative’s distinct advantages is our ability to touch every step in the soybean supply chain from our own branded soybeans to value-added soybean meal processing,” explained Chief Commodity Marketing Officer, Ron DeJongh. “Our non-GMO program offers our farmer-members an economic opportunity to participate in that advantage via harvest premiums for growers with this program or overall profitability resulting in patronage opportunities for all members.”

Benefits for Buyers Call

If you have on-farm storage, the program is even sweeter. Buyer’s Call means the grower will harvest the soybeans and store them in their grain bin until contacted about a designated delivery location and period. Landus Cooperative guarantees to take delivery at some point post-harvest and no later than August 31st, 2020. Delivery windows will be dependent on train shipments and crush schedules. The order of growers selected for each delivery window will be determined by the earliest dated purchases.

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Managing Weeds in your Non-GMO Acres 

Soil-residual herbicides are necessary to 1) reduce the overall population/pressure from weeds that are difficult to control and lessening the competitive effect and 2) reducing emerged weed density so post-emerge, contact herbicides can gain enough coverage for control. The less reliance on post-emerge products, the greater success will be achieved. Landus Cooperative recommends starting clean and utilizing soil-residual products in order to avoid weed emergence. 

1. Start clean, either tillage or burn-down

2. Pre-emergence program•Matador-S®/ Sonic®or Boundary®+ Sonic®•S-metolochlor-metribuzin-imazethapyr / sulfentrazone-cloransulam•Herbicide groups; 2, 5, 14 & 15

3. Postemergence program, applied 21 days after pre-emergence application•Flexstar®/ Medal II®/ Fusilade®•fomesafen / metolochlor / fluazifop•Herbicide groups; 1, 14 & 15