Morning Comments October 13, 2020

Taube Corn Pile

Opening Calls:
Corn steady to 1 higher
Beans 4 to 5 higher

Today is “Turnaround Tuesday”. The market is reacting to a drier weather forecast for South America.

Also, concerns over other areas of the world that are dry, including the Midwest in the U.S. which hasn’t seen measurable amounts of rain in months.

The market will still continue to look at harvest progressing at a fast pace, yields for both corn and beans all over the place – there is nothing consistent. There are also concerns about world demand: Who will the new sales come from?

Do you have your offers in place for the next market move higher? Is there a particular price you are looking for with regard to the bushels going into your bins? Let our Grain Marketing Advisors or Customer Service Specialists know, and we’ll put in an offer for you