Morning Comments, June 08, 2020

Bradford test plot with Acre Edge sign

Opening Calls:

Corn 2 to 3 higher

Beans steady to lower

Thursday, the June WASDE will be out at 11 a.m. Corn and beans getting support from demand starting to grow. Ethanol plants are opening up and getting ramped up.

Soybeans are seeing some buying from China. China is worried if round 2 of the Coronavirus comes and they want to be prepared if the world shuts down again.

Support in corn is also coming from some fund short covering.

There is also starting to be concern about how much rain the Midwest might receive from the tropical storm brewing. This one is named Cristobal, and we’ll all hear more about this as the week progresses. This could put some pressure on grain markets.

Do you have old crop grain on the farm? Let us help you get those bins empty prior to harvest. We’d prefer to do that during June, and will be working a little harder to accomplish that. Please contact your Grain Marketing Advisor (GMA), or your Customer Service Specialist (CSS) at your location.