Morning Comments January 22, 2019

Opening Calls:

Corn steady to 1 lower

Beans steady to 1 higher


No new news in the market place. Government still not back to work. South American soybean harvest and weather still having issues, but nothing major.


China rumored to be buying commodities from the U.S., but nothing is confirmed as of right now.


If you are needing help marketing your new crop grain, he is an alternative we offer that has had good results in the past:

The Averaging Contract sells a portion of the total committed every day during the pricing period.

For corn, that is from March 11th through June 28th; Last year’s average was a little over $4 December futures (after fees). 5,000 bushel minimum and increments.  (Actual = $4.0469 CZ18 before 4 cent fee)

For soybeans, it’s April 29th through August 2nd; Last year’s average was $9.45 November futures (after fees). 2,500 bushel minimum and increments. (Actual = $9.4910 SX18 before 4 cent fee)

This has been a consistently good program through the years, as it is designed to price during the traditionally high portion of December corn or November soybean futures.

There is a 4 cent per bushel fee for corn or beans in the Averaging Contract. Sign-up deadline is March 1, 2019.


Have a safe day.