Morning Comments February 4, 2020

Harvesting Soybeans

Opening Calls:

Corn 3-4 higher

Beans 6-8 higher

China has said that they will let U.S. health experts into the country to help with the Coronavirus. Also, news was released yesterday that China has seen an outbreak of the bird flu.

Reuters also released yesterday that farmers would receive their third and final payment at the end of this week. South America's weather and harvest are both favorable. 

Markets today seeing some life with wheat, soybeans, and corn higher. With low prices, demand increases. With the downturn of the markets, we are seeing more sales/exports.

We are starting to see, smell and hear a lot about grain quality issues in bins. Please make sure you are checking your bins regularly. And by all means, be safe when you are doing it. There are several youtube videos going around that are showing some VERY unsafe practices. 

Here is one video highlighting grain bin safety:

There are many more examples on the internet. Please take a few moments to review your procedures from a “safety” perspective. It’s too easy to cut corners and have tragic results.