Morning Comments December 2, 2019

Harvest 3

Opening Calls:

Corn steady to 1 higher 

Beans 4 to 5 higher 

This morning we are back to a full week of trade. There is a WASDE report due out next Tuesday, but most eyes are on the January report. Until then, the main focus for the market will continue to be the ongoing trade war and lack of agreement between China and the U.S. While there is some optimism that an agreement will be signed yet this month before several major Chinese holidays in early 2020, including their Lunar New Year, there is also concern due to China suspending a visit by the U.S. Navy to Hong Kong. This is in response to the recently signed bill in the U.S. supporting Hong Kong dissidents. 

Weather will also continue to impact markets, with everything from the U.S. Midwest weather hampering the end of harvest and fall fieldwork as well as South American weather.