In addition to providing bulk feed, Landus offers feed and nutrition supplies for livestock operations, hobby farms, show stock and pets. Purina is our provider of choice.

Our Products

  • AccuRation Grower, Starter, Finisher
  • RangeLand Supplement
  • Auero 10g Crumbles
  • RangeLand Mineral Tubs

Bagged Products

  • Cattle mineral
  • Sheep feed
  • Milk replacer
  • Calf starters
  • Horse feed
  • Show feeds
  • Alfalfa pellets
  • Beet pulp
  • Salt blocks

Soy Oil & PureGold

  • 40# pails
  • 400# barrels
  • 2000# totes

*Other products as requested.

Contact us for assistance with your animal nutrition needs.


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