On behalf of our farmer-members, Landus is honored to support the full circle of the food chain—from seed to commodity, from product to feed and from cow to the kitchen table. 


Something That Matters

The farmer-members of Landus are an integral part of a remarkable story that begins with planting AcreEdge® seed and includes working with our agronomists to maximize yields.

Farmers sell their harvested soybeans—which represent a season’s worth of sacrifice, hard work and hope—back to Landus.

These soybeans, in turn, are processed at Landus facilities and transformed into a line of specialized, high-quality, soybean meal-based dairy cow feed that is distributed worldwide.

Dairies in six continents use SoyPlus, SoyChlor and PasturChlor to help improve cow health and performance for optimum productivity.

And eventually, the farmer-members of Landus find the dairy products—from milk to cheese, baby formula and more—in their grocery stores.

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Who We Are

Landus is a farmer-owned agricultural cooperative headquartered in Ames, Iowa.

We’re proud to provide value for approximately 7,000 member-owners.

Our unique capabilities include offering agronomy services, precision ag, field services, AcreEdge soybean seed, grain marketing and animal nutrition. We also manufacture a line of specialized feed for dairy cows, which is distributed globally.

At Landus, our team enjoys serving members, uplifting agriculture and enriching lives in local communities. We employ more than 600 people and serve more than 60 communities in Iowa and Minnesota. We are governed by a member-elected board of directors and guided by an experienced executive team.


The History of Landus is the History of Iowa Cooperatives

The earliest known roots of Landus developed in 1888 with Farmers Elevator and Livestock Company in Jordan, Iowa.

Over the years, dozens of elevators, grain companies, feed millers and suppliers, agronomy facilities and even a hardware store and energy company have merged, changed hands and banded together to remain relevant and strong in a global marketplace.

The transformations culminated in 2016 with the founding of Landus. Take a look at our family tree, which lists the 60+ companies that helped build Iowa agriculture.

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Matt Cartens Web 2020
Matt Carstens
President and Chief Executive Officer

Carstens leads Landus Cooperative’s work to advocate for farmer-members and customers, empower employees, and lean into the future of the ag industry. His passion for, and experience in, agriculture spans every step in the supply chain from agronomy retail to end-user grain customers, food manufacturers, grocery stores and consumers.

Carstens most recently served as Senior Vice President of Truterra, a division of Land O’Lakes. There, he provided leadership for farmer-driven sustainability collaborations with food manufacturers and consumers by focusing on technology, data, and precision offerings. Previously, he served at United Suppliers, where he was responsible for the crop nutrient business, including sales, marketing, supply chain logistics, financial performance, and commodity procurement. He has also held various sales, marketing, and management positions at several other agronomy businesses.

Carstens graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business.

Mark Miner Web 2020
Mark Miner
Chief Financial Officer

Miner brings to Landus Cooperative three decades of cooperative experience. He was previously chief financial officer/vice president of administration at Farmers Cooperative. He was also location manager at Mid-Iowa Cooperative and began his career at his family’s agronomy company, Miner Farm Supply.

Robert Barker Web 2020
Robert Barker
Executive Vice President of Data and Technology

Barker oversees Landus Cooperative’s technology, integrating every aspect of the business and providing real-time data internally and to customers. In his nearly three-decade career, Barker has implemented business intelligence strategies, modernized companies’ online presences and improved customer experiences. Barker has served in IT leadership roles at Ingram Barge Company, The Manitowac Company and Ford Company. He graduated from Purdue University and holds PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute.

Mark Cullen Web 2020
Mark Cullen
Executive Vice President of Animal Nutrition

Cullen is responsible for Landus Cooperative’s dairy, beef and swine nutrition manufacturing businesses. Under his leadership, SoyPlus, SoyChlor and PasturChlor branded dairy nutrition products, which are marketed domestically and internationally, saw significant growth. Cullen has more than 20 years of experience in the cooperative system in management, sales and manufacturing operations, including oversight for HACCP and ISO certifications. Cullen holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business from Northwest Missouri State University.

Kerrey Kerr Enskat Web 2020
Kerrey Kerr-Enskat
Executive Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Kerr-Enskat is focused on promoting and protecting the Landus brand globally, connecting our farmer-owners across the agriculture, food, fuel, and technology supply chains through impactful communication, public relations, and marketing strategies.

Her 25 years of experience includes leading global communication strategies in the agriculture and automotive industries, namely with John Deere, Corteva Agriscience, and Chrysler. Most recently Kerr-Enskat led the global sustainability communication strategies at Deere and prior to that spent several years progressing through DuPont Pioneer (now Corteva Agriscience) leading public relations and communication strategies for crop genetics, plant biotechnology, precision agriculture, and crop protection manufacturing. Critical to her success were efforts to spearhead consumer outreach programs for science and technology in food, guide industry association communications, and develop media relations.

She is a graduate of the University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) with a degree in Communication Studies.

Don King 5x7 2020
Don King
Executive Vice President of Grain

King leads our grain team in achieving origination, operational efficiency, and expanding merchandising. He joins us from Michlig Grain, where he worked his way up from operations to the owner at the full-service grain and agronomy business in northwest Illinois. In his nearly 40 years in the agricultural industry, he has been revered by his employees, puts a strong focus on the customer experience, and is entrepreneurial in his business approach. King holds a degree in Agri-Business from Black Hawk East College.

Ryan Risdal Web 2020
Ryan Risdal
Executive Vice President of Agronomy

Risdal oversees the cooperative’s agronomy business, including sales, marketing, product procurement and precision ag. His experience in agronomy business leadership includes research and development, sales, marketing and management at Key Cooperative and Land O’ Lakes. Most recently, he was a senior product manager with WinField United. Risdal holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Iowa State University.

Tim Unruh Web 2020
Tim Unruh
Executive Vice President of Administration

Unruh is responsible for Landus Cooperative’s human resources, safety, and communications programs. Additionally, he oversees the cooperative’s quality management system, business development planning and supply chain optimization efforts. His experience includes more than 20 years in various segments of the agriculture industry, at companies that include Winfield United, John Deere Financial and Helena Chemical. Unruh holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Ashford University.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Jim Carlson, Gowrie, Iowa

Vice Chairman: Nate Stewart, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Secretary/Treasurer: Matt Showalter, Hampton, Iowa

Ryan Bristle, Polk City, Iowa

Ron Buse, Lake City, Iowa

Gary Graber, Forest City, Iowa

Craig Heineman, Ogden, Iowa

Dan Heller, Irwin, Iowa

Tim Kolder, Ackley, Iowa

Jim Long, Maxwell, Iowa

Dan Reynolds, Rockwell City, Iowa

Sue Tronchetti, Paton, Iowa

Associate Director: Bryce Caple, Maxwell, Iowa

Leadership Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming part of the Landus board of directors? Each director serves a three-year term and is then eligible for re-election. To learn more, visit with your local director or email communications@landuscooperative.com.