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Farmers. We offer direct credit for farmers, typically used for agronomy products and services. End-user, Commercial Grain Partners Enterprise-scale Livestock Producers

Other Credit Resources
  • Cooperative Finance Association
    Landus Cooperative offers customers access to a third-party credit program. Visit with your Field Sales Agronomist to learn more about eligibility. Then, complete the application online.
  • John Deere
    For growers already utilizing John Deere's credit program, visit with your Field Sales Agronomist to learn about eligibility for Landus Cooperative inputs. 
  • Additional Resources
    Visit with your Field Sales Agronomist about other financing options from Rabo, Corteva or TrueChoice.

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Trucking and Transportation

Landus Cooperative often seeks third-party haulers for grain logistics and agronomy hauling and tending. To learn more about opportunities, please contact us.

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Customer Resources and Helpful Guides

How to join Landus Cooperative

If you’re interested in becoming a member-owner, download our membership brochure.

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How to register and log into your account online

You can register for both the online portal and our mobile app with these three easy steps.

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Managing preferences in app and portal

Use this guide to customize your account access and information.

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Portal & App FAQ

Frequently asked questions about registering for and using the Landus Cooperative app and online portal.


Landus Cooperative's farmer-member structure can trace its ownership back nearly a century. If you, or a member of your family, hold equity in the cooperative and need assistance with your certificates, transferring equity or liquidating equity, please contact us.

According to our bylaws, ownership equity requested at the time of death requires the following documentation be completed and presented to the Board for approval.

  • Copy of the death certificate.
  • "Appointment of Executor" or "Appointment of Trustee" documentation.
  • Return of the original membership certificates OR a complete "loss of certificate" document.
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