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What is the Best Time for Fungicide Application in Early Planted Corn? Monday Morning Alert May 23, 2016

With much of the corn crop planted early and early cool, damp temperatures, it is important to protect your long grain-fill...

Switching Corn and Soybean Maturity: Monday Morning Alert, May 16, 2016

When does it make agronomic sense to switch corn hybrids and soybean varieties to earlier maturities?  For corn, May 25th...

Increase Soybean Planting Rates as Season Goes On

Consider increasing your soybean planting rate as planting dates get later. Learn why in this video .

How is this rain impacting nitrogen levels?

Abundant rainfall + above average spring temps and heat-unit accumulation = potential nitrogen losses and the importance of nitrogen stabilizers.

Importance of The Optimum Soybean Plant Date

Planting date is directly related to total potential soybean performance…what is the optimum planting date on your farm?

Manage Soybean Fertility With No Additional Inputs

Soybean Crop Nutrition and Fertility: How to best manage your potassium and phosphorus for your soybeans-after-corn in rotation for increased...

Monday Morning Alert: Risks with Early Planted Corn in Iowa

Pay attention to rainfall patterns and planting depth to lessen the risks of planting corn in early April.

Possible Benefits: Keep and Attract Talent

Possible Benefits: Strategically Channel Capital

Possible Benefits: Improve Productivity

Possible Benefits: Improve Productivity

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