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Managing Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans

What is the impact of sudden death syndrome on soybeans in Iowa and how do I manage it?  Watch the...

Green Snap: Can Corn Still Yield After 65 mph Winds? Monday Morning Alert 8/22/16

Green snap is a term to describe breakage of the stalk of the corn plant by high winds. On request...

Corn Ears Tipping Back: Monday Morning Alert 8 15 16

Timing is everything; corn ears are tipping back due to stress factors during the pollination period.

Fungicide Benefits: Proof in the Canopy Temperature Aug. 1, 2016

Fungicide Benefits: Proof in the Canopy Temperature Aug. 1, 2016

Want to prove if your fungicide worked? We used a thermal imaging unit to test canopy temperature on July 27th,...

Effects of Heat on Corn: Monday Morning Alert 7 22 16

With a heat index of 100+, what’s going on w/ my corn’s development? It may be cruising to black layer....

Waterhemp Control in Soybeans: Monday Morning Alert 7 18 16

Variable control of waterhemp dictates we change our plan for future tactics in soybeans.

Proven Advantage in Soybean Fungicide Applications: Monday Morning Alert 7 11 16

Fungicide applications in soybeans have proven a 4-5 bushel advantage, doubling your crop production input in July.  Watch the video...

Fungicide Go-Time: Monday Morning Alert 7 4 16

Fungicides are valuable; gain a year over year 12-15 bushel per acre advantage through proper application and timing.  

“Preventative” Fungicide Use Could Mean 15 bu/acre, If Timed Correctly

Learn why a “preventative” vs. “curative” fungicide application at VT can mean an additional 15 bu./acre in yield potential. Timing...

When Did You Apply Nitrogen? The Importance of Nitrogen Stabilizers.

When did you apply nitrogen? Last fall? In early April? Our 22 acre on-farm demo plot in Farnhamville, Iowa has...

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