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Waterhemp Control in Soybeans: Monday Morning Alert 7 18 16

Variable control of waterhemp dictates we change our plan for future tactics in soybeans.

Proven Advantage in Soybean Fungicide Applications: Monday Morning Alert 7 11 16

Fungicide applications in soybeans have proven a 4-5 bushel advantage, doubling your crop production input in July.  Watch the video...

Fungicide Go-Time: Monday Morning Alert 7 4 16

Fungicides are valuable; gain a year over year 12-15 bushel per acre advantage through proper application and timing.  

“Preventative” Fungicide Use Could Mean 15 bu/acre, If Timed Correctly

Learn why a “preventative” vs. “curative” fungicide application at VT can mean an additional 15 bu./acre in yield potential. Timing...

When Did You Apply Nitrogen? The Importance of Nitrogen Stabilizers.

When did you apply nitrogen? Last fall? In early April? Our 22 acre on-farm demo plot in Farnhamville, Iowa has...

Soybean Planting Date: Monday Morning Alert 6 13 16

At the Landus Cooperative plot in Farnhamville, we’re estimating a 20 bushel per acre difference in our beans that were...

Sulfur and zinc deficiencies in corn can make it turn yellow and inhibit early crop growth. Learn how to identify the problem and what causes the lack in these secondary nutrients. Monday Morning Alert June 6, 2016

From three corn plants in one row in one corn field, you can identify a problem. In this case, it...

Timing Spraying to Manage Quick-Growing Waterhemp. Monday Morning Alert May 31, 2016

Timing Spraying to Manage Quick-Growing Waterhemp. Monday Morning Alert May 31, 2016

Waterhemp in our area grew 1 in./day last week. Learn why it’s important to control it early in this video.

What is the Best Time for Fungicide Application in Early Planted Corn? Monday Morning Alert May 23, 2016

With much of the corn crop planted early and early cool, damp temperatures, it is important to protect your long grain-fill...

Switching Corn and Soybean Maturity: Monday Morning Alert, May 16, 2016

When does it make agronomic sense to switch corn hybrids and soybean varieties to earlier maturities?  For corn, May 25th...

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