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Farnhamville Research Plot Video

Farnhamville Research Plot Video

Presentations: Sudden Death Syndrome: Omission/Addition Trial, Soybeans: Planting Depth: Nitrogen Stabilizer: Overview Video of the Day/Guests:...

Premium Nutrient Application: Monday Morning Alert 11 3 16

Profit from better distribution, efficiency, and nutrient uptake by applying a premium product to your farm.

Sudden Death Syndrome Pre-Harvest: Monday Morning Alert 9 19 16

See a pre-harvest comparison between beans treated for sudden death syndrome vs untreated beans, and the impact on bushels per...

Value of Timing of Corn Emergence : Monday Morning Alert September 12, 2016

Learn about the relationship between corn emergence timing and bushels per acre.

Corn Stalk Health and Standability: Monday Morning Alert 9 6 16

How will your corn hold up and stand up at the end of this variable growing season?

Managing Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans

What is the impact of sudden death syndrome on soybeans in Iowa and how do I manage it?  Watch the...

Green Snap: Can Corn Still Yield After 65 mph Winds? Monday Morning Alert 8/22/16

Green snap is a term to describe breakage of the stalk of the corn plant by high winds. On request...

Corn Ears Tipping Back: Monday Morning Alert 8 15 16

Timing is everything; corn ears are tipping back due to stress factors during the pollination period.

Fungicide Benefits: Proof in the Canopy Temperature Aug. 1, 2016

Fungicide Benefits: Proof in the Canopy Temperature Aug. 1, 2016

Want to prove if your fungicide worked? We used a thermal imaging unit to test canopy temperature on July 27th,...

Effects of Heat on Corn: Monday Morning Alert 7 22 16

With a heat index of 100+, what’s going on w/ my corn’s development? It may be cruising to black layer....

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