Landus CooperativeTM is a farmer-owned agricultural cooperative, headquartered in Ames, Iowa that has a global reach and a local touch with more than 725 full-time employees at locations in more than 70 communities in Iowa and Minnesota and approximately 7,000 member-owners

Landus Cooperative is one of North America’s largest grain storage companies and has shuttle-loading access on all seven, major Iowa rail lines. The diversified farmer-owned cooperative offers precision agronomy services with more than 50 agronomists on staff; a proprietary, member-owned brand of soybeans; expert grain marketing services; as well as corn and soybean processing including a facility in Ralston, Iowa which manufacturers SoyPlus®, a high bypass protein soybean meal for dairy herds across the globe.

Our Origins

Landus Cooperative was formed when the member-owners of West Central Cooperative and Farmers Cooperative Company voted to merge into a single organization.


Our Name

Agriculture has always been about two things: land and the people who work it. Nothing in farming is possible without good, healthy soil—just as nothing is possible without strong, forward-thinking farmers to make it productive. Working as one, we will carry our heritage forward and step into the future with confidence and vitality.

This is where we come from, why we are here and how we will create a better tomorrow. We are the land and the land is us.

Together, we are Landus Cooperative.


Our Logo

With a big, bold font and stacked words, the logo communicates strength, stability, authority and size. The logo mark depicts rows coming together, creates movement and emphasizes the “us” in the name through placement and color.